I am a hometown girl living a simple life in rural Illinois. I am a mom to three active and energetic kids (J, Sassafras, and Junior), the wife to one darling husband (I lovingly call Hubs), and a caring and inspiring teacher.  I love teaching, anything to do with arts and crafts, and making extraordinary memories with my family.

This blog was created to share my point of view, thoughts, and (at times) uncertainties about living life and raising a family in this happy hometown. I hope you stick around and enjoy this journey with me!

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
― Paulo Coelho

Five little known facts about me:

1. Starting at 16, I began doing my own oil change on my vehicles to pinch pennies. I stopped after the birth of J.

2. I am moderately to severely afraid of heights and mildly claustrophobic.

3. I began collage studying to be a child advocate lawyer but then changed my mind and decided to be a teacher. This added an extra year and a half to my college plan.

4. I am a self-diagnosed OCD.

5. My children all have J names, born in J months, with red birthstones, born on odd days, born in odd years. See the OCD tendencies coming out now?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have pulled up a seat, I have coffee, the kiddos are in bed. I don’t need a book, look what I have found to read! ahhhhh.

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