Bad Grammar- Its Alot Funnyer Then U Thank!

Did anyone ever wonder what is the most difficult subject to teach children?


Grammar is by far one of the most challenging tasks I have in my second grade classroom.

Why does the English language have so many rules and exceptions to these rules? Why do we need all the different forms of punctuation? It is mind-boggling at times even for me! Now, I do not profess to be an expert at grammar by any means.  I am guilty of making my own fair share of mistakes. The key is I (generally) see my mistakes and try to repair the damage.

Let’s take a look at why grammar is so challenging and humorous at times.

Please note that some of the following images could be considered vulgar, raunchy, or in bad taste. Turn away now if this type of material offends you!

seen theres

The hubs still has trouble with using seen and saw correctly. He swears he only does it to push my buttons. At least I got him to say wash instead of worsh. That was a challenge in itself.

Their, there, and they’re…my gosh my 2nd grade cuties cannot get this straight; but do you blame them?


This is over-used in my classroom and on Facebook. ALOT is not a word kids! It is a lot not alot! Come on, you don’t have acup of coffee or have afriend come over do you?


An apostrophe is for ownership kids, NOT making words plural.

cat’s toy

cats’ toys

child’s coat

children’s coats (lost the students about right here!)

Remember, if you use it incorrectly a puppy will die.

commasStudents Cook and Serve Grandparents.....reminds me of "the panda eats, shoots, and leaves"....hehehedetails

Comma use is very important as you can clearly see.


Broked, cutted in line, brung their lunch, fordy, fiddy, sixdy, “When are we goin to liberry?”, testez (tests), spiters (spiders), budder (butter), latters (ladders), this list could go on and on. My students give me plenty of innocent bad grammar funnies.

So let’s remember…

shit i before ehave nuts

What are some of your grammar funnies or pet peeves? Please share, unless it is a grammar mistake from this blog then keep it to yourself.


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