Winter break, Christmas break, Holiday break=Lots of Work for Mommy

Happy Hometown, IL snow!
Happy Hometown, IL snow!

It has been snowing her in Happy Hometown, IL for a couple of days now. It is quite beautiful on the outside. The inside of my house is a whole other story. It is a sight for sore eyes; a disaster of great proportions. Toys everywhere, dishes filling up the sink, filthy kitchen tile, tons of laundry…do I even need to go on? This winter break, Christmas break, holiday break…it doesn’t matter what you call it; is not a break at all for mothers (or dads who go at it alone).  Now don’t get me wrong, I love getting to have some days off with my kids and I do feel truly blessed for all that has been bestowed upon me. But… the ugly truth is that it is a lot of work, not a break…work.

This is my break summed up:  cook and clean up after 3 meals a day,  fill, clean, and unload the dishwasher 2 times a day, do 3 loads of laundry per day, pick up playroom, pick up kitchen (because it is always more fun to drive your trucks in the kitchen bay window I am guessing), pick up kids’ bathroom mess (which includes wiping up Junior’s urine since his aim is still off). Add in quality playing time with kiddos then you have cleaning of some sort… after baking cookies (flour and crumbs, ugh!), Playdoh (need I say more?), sledding and snowman making (snow + heat= water everywhere and LOTS of laundry!), Nerf gun war (remind me why I purchased so many of these foam bullets!), and Legos (again, need I say more?).

Maybe if I wasn’t so OCD I could see my winter break for what it is supposed to be…a break. Maybe if I didn’t have 3 wonderful kiddos and a loving man child hubs making messes of epic proportions I could see my break more clearly.

In the meantime, I will continue to chug on through this winter break. Remembering to daily give thanks for all that I have while secretly looking forward to the time in the evening when everyone goes to bed and mommy can enjoy reading time, computer time, wine time… maybe I should just say ME time.

Happy winter break to all!


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