Is it Really Almost August?

I cannot believe that it is almost August! That means back-to-school time. That time of year where I have to drag J, Sassafras, and Junior out of bed begrudgingly.  Who am I kidding…I am not a morning person either.

We have been having so much (hot and rainless) summer fun that I have not even blogged in two months. I have been busy working on my summer fun list with my family. I am also at the tail end of finishing my Master’s degree in Education (yay me!) so the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

As August is approaching quickly I find my mind reeling with new ideas for my classroom. Right now I am in love with Schoolgirl Style. She has some really adorable decorating ideas. I am swooning over the teal and red color combo below!

My current favorite Schoolgirl Style decor.

I am also longing for a new crayola crayon sharpener. (Who doesn’t love a sharp Crayola?)

and a fancy-schmancy pencil sharpener.

It is truly the little things that excite a teacher at the beginning of a new school year!


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