Happy Mother’s Day with love!

Fishing fun

Happy Mother’s Day to myself and all the other mammas in this world! Today I get to celebrate with my momma and the hub’s momma, as well as my sweet sister-in-laws and their hubbies. I am very excited to have a family fun day.

This year’s family fun day includes fishing and a fish fry. I spent the entire day yesterday preparing food and sweets for today’s visitors so that I could enjoy doing a lot of things I want to do today.

As far as gifts go, I am easy to please. My oldest son, J, surprised me yesterday by picking up the ENTIRE house (basement too) while I went for my walk. It was quite frankly the best Mother’s Day gift yet! I know that Sassafras made me one of those wonderful hand-made gifts at her last Girl Scouts meeting. I simply cannot wait to see what it is. It is truly heartwarming to receive hand-made gifts from my kiddos!

Here is to hoping that all Moms have a wonderful day today and many more to come! I plan on spending my day enjoying my coffee in peace, taking a long walk, enjoying an uninterupted hot shower, reading, and enjoying making more memories with my wonderful family in this happy hometown.


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