“Can I get an ice pack?”

Student: “Can I get an ice pack?”

Me: “What happened?”

Student: ” I have a  hangnail.”

Me: “No, sorry…ice packs are reserved for the severely injured.”

walks away grimacing and wincing in excruciating pain.

I just don’t understand our young children today and their need to go to the nurse’s office for every bump or scrape. Don’t get me wrong…if there is blood, vomit, gore, or a head injury then by all means head her way. Otherwise, suck it up cupcake!

Every year I have at least one hypochondriac. He or she is the one student who will hound me a zillion times daily because of a tummy ache, hangnail, or itchy mosquito bite. At some point during the course of the day the ‘hypo’ will successfully get one of the other teachers or aides to fall victim to the hypochondriac’s ways.  The trip to the nurse’s office will result in the hand out of a frozen sponge in a zip lock bag (aka ice pack). The student usually then returns with the ice pack, uses it for approximately 3 minutes, squeezes it forcefully to get the water to come out, and inevitably ruin their worksheet or project they are working on. This will require another trip to the nurse’s office to return the ice pack to be re-frozen because, heaven forbid; another hypochondriac will need it later. All in all, lots of valuable educational time is wasted here.

Parents, think about the story about The Boy Who Cried Wolf…if your child is always belly aching then I won’t know when to really believe they are truly sick or injured.  So parents please do your child and yourself a favor and toughen up your child. That way it won’t be your child as the chronic complainer asking, “Can I get an ice pack?”


4 thoughts on ““Can I get an ice pack?”

      1. When my kids were young and they complained about the heat or the cold, I would just look at them and say, “Excellent!” Eventually they understood that the problem they were presenting wasn’t necessarily something I was supposed to solve for them. 😉

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