Our summer fun list

Summer break is fast approaching and I am busy planning activities to occupy our time off. What does a family of 5 do in this happy hometown you ask?

We always participate in the Barnes and Noble summer reading program. We also love to visit the local library to attend their summer presentations and activities. The kids love to swim in our lake or go to the city pool for some chlorinated fun. Lastly, I busily plan for my upcoming school year. A teacher’s brain never really shuts off! There you have it…just a peek at some of our summer fun. See the summer fun list below to see what else we love doing to make wonderful memories.

Happy Hometown Summer Fun List

  1. Have a water balloon fight.
  2. Go for a walk along the beach or a wooded path.
  3. See the sunrise.
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Watch the sunset.
  6. Make playdoh.
  7. Read a chapter book aloud to kids.
  8. Read a novel something just for me.
  9. Go to an amusement park or local county/state fair and ride all the thrill rides!
  10. Go fishing.
  11. Make homemade ice cream in zip top bag.
  12. Sit outside and sip iced tea.
  13. Make fresh lemonade.
  14. Camp out in a tent.
  15. Catch fireflies.
  16. Take pictures of the kids having fun!
  17. Eat watermelon outside, and let the juice run all over the place!
  18. Walk in the grass barefoot.
  19. Use lotion, soap, or shampoo that smells like coconuts.
  20. Paint my toenails.
  21. Make sidewalk chalk art
  22. Sleep in at least once.
  23. Eat strawberry shortcake.
  24. Get someone else to take your picture with the kids, smiling and sun-kissed.
  25. Eat your favorite summer fruits and berries.
  26. Go swimming as a family.
  27. Go to the zoo.
  28. Go to the library.
  29. Play in the sprinkler.
  30. Make homemade sno-cones.

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