Top 5 reasons I love being a Mom

Ask any mom in the world and they will tell you that motherhood  is the most challenging job but also the most rewarding job. Her are my reasons why!

1. Enjoying life’s little things

Having kids have made me slow down, notice, and appreciate the little things in life. A worm crawling on the ground can captivate the youngest’s attention while a couple of geese landing on our pond will cause great excitement among the children. They want to sit on the porch swing and watch them for hours. I love seeing these things through their eyes.  It is like reliving my childhood through their eyes.

2. Unconditional love

Having kids means you learn to love deeply. I believe there is no deeper love than the love a mother gives her child.

3. Cuddles and hugs

Snuggling and reading a book, hugs and wet kisses, or holding a little hand while walking makes me feel great. I love this time with my three kiddos.

4. Pride

I have a sense of pride for what I have created and raised. Not day goes by that one of my three kids don’t make me proud for something they have done. I love having the sense of pride from who they are now and what they will become.

5. Sense of accomplishment

My job is to raise my children to be loyal, responsible, loving, caring, and well-adjusted adults.  I believe I have done well so far and this gives me a sense of accomplishment.

So why do you love being a mom?


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