How Should A Teacher Dress?

So how should a teacher dress?

I have taught for 12 year now and I can honestly answer this question. It needs to be clothing that are practical. The things need to be washable and comfortable. The highest priority is wash-and-wear — and comfortable shoes. (Yes, Aerosoloes — and gel insoles — are my friend.) I like to punch it up with some bold jewelry.

The Teacher Dress Code

Some say that dressing for success has three main effects for teachers:

  1. Maintain respect
  2. Establish credibility
  3. Establish yourself as an authority figure

I will agree with this. Some naysayers say that denim is not professional. This I disagree with. The photo above shows denim trousers which look professional for a teacher’s attire. Also, they are comfortable for all the standing, sitting, and kneeling I do in a second grade classroom. Lastly, they are comfortable and washable; which is extremely important to me.

So teachers, what is your go-to outfit? Do you think that denim can be dressed up and teacher professional looking? Let me know your thoughts! 


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