Mommy’s horrible little secret

Yes I have a horrible little secret. No one knows!


Ok…ok I will tell you.

Remember how I blogged last week about my Manic Monday? As you know, the grad class I am currently enrolled in that takes up all my time on Monday evenings. It keeps me from picking up J from track practice, getting Sassafras to softball practice, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and bathing children. The darling hubs even takes over (the best of his ability) one night a week so I can work on my papers and projects for this class.

Now for my horrible little secret… I LOVE IT! I love not being home one night per week. I love not being the mommy taxi. I love not cooking the meal and cleaning up after my four lovelies. I love it because I have a day that I don’t have to focus on anyone but ME. I love that no one calls, texts, or bothers me because they know I am in class. I love that no one enters the bedroom while I am busy working on a class project (also known as being on Facebook, Pinterest, or reading a book!). I actually have time to myself and I LOVE IT!

Am I being a selfish mother? If so…I apologize.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying; I love my children and hubs. I cannot imagine my life without them. I truly love them to the moon and back! It is just that I love having my ME time, which moms don’t tend to get.

So now I am thinking that going back to get my doctorate would not be a bad idea….


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