Manic Monday

Today is another manic Monday here at our own little piece of heaven on Earth. Everyone greatly dislikes a Monday; and I am no exception when it comes to liking a Monday.  Here is a little insight as to why it is not the best day of the week for my family and me.

5:45 am-Alarms goes off. Press snooze until 6:15 am. Roll out of bed, shower quickly, and go with my wash-and-go do or a pony tail. Apply minimal amounts of make-up which includes foundation, powder, and mascara.

6:30 am- Wake up J, Sassafras, and Junior. If their first “wake up” call does not get them up I am forced to resort to other tactics. My favorites include the spray bottle filled with ICE cold water “wake up” call or the air horn (J’s stocking stuffer this past holiday that I have now confiscated for my own use) “wake up” call.

6:40 am- After all my not-so-chipper kiddos are up and groggily eating their breakfast, I enjoy my coffee with soy milk and honey and my grapefruit and hard-boiled egg breakfast.

7:00 am- last minute check to make sure I packed the kid’s current sporting practice gear, backpacks, lunches (which J and Sassafras are responsible for packing themselves), and J’s fully stocked toddler bag.

Some morings they even sleep during our morning commute. Well...the days they are not bickering and fighting that is!

7:20 am- drop off J at Grandma’s house for a day of love, spoiling, laughter, and learning.

7:45 am- arrive at the Happy Hometown School where I teach.

8:00 am to 3:20 pm- Inspire, love, help, and instruct 22 awesome little kiddos.

After 3:20 pm things get a little crazy (or should I say crazier?)!

I currently have my statistics class for my master’s degree from 4:20 pm to 9:20 pm at night.  Luckily we are allowed to leave at 7:30 pm and work on our own. Thank goodness for early class dismissal!

J has practice for some type of sporting activity after school (right now it is track). He gets brought home by a buddy’s mom or his Paw Paw (a.k.a. my kind and supportive father).

Sassafras has softball practice at 6 pm so again a buddy’s mom or Paw Paw steps in to help.  Have I mentioned how thankful I am for friends and family?

After class and my 30 minute commute back to Happy Hometown, Illinois, I pick up Sassafras from practice.

Junior is either picked up by the hubs or, if he works late, hangs with Grandma until I can get home to cuddle with him.

8:00 pm- Late dinner is cooked and served with a weary smile while J, Sassafras, and Junior bathe (not together of course). Homework is then reviewed by me or the hubs.

8:30 ish- I do a load or two of laundry (it is hard to keep a family of 5 up-to-date with clean laundry), try to catch up on the hub’s and kid’s day, and clean up the kitchen mess from dinner. Look at the rest of the messy house and sigh. That mess will have to wait for another day.

9:00 pm-Bedtime and books for all. (My personal favorite time on Mondays.)

10:00 pm-Lights out for me. Now that the day is done I can look on the bright side…tomorrow is Taco Tuesday and thankfully not another manic Monday!


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