It’s positive, I am going to be an Aunt!

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT! I want to scream it from the mountain tops… I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!

This is the picture message I got from my brother in mid-March while I was at the Illinois Reading Conference. I immediately forwarded it to my darling husband. Ladies, DO NOT forward a positive pregnancy test to your hubby unless you want to give him a mild heart attack!  He thought it was from me and that we were expecting baby #4! I had to quickly clear things up with the hubs and assure him that “Dr. Snippins” had indeed done a fine job after the birth of Junior and there was not a possibility of baby #4 for us. This was followed with great relief and excitement for the new parents (and soon to be aunt and uncle).

I truly love kids (on most days, anyway) and cannot wait for my brother and his wife to have Sweet Baby T (my nickname for the baby).

After the birth of Junior, I knew that I was done with the whole baby carrying, nauseous first trimester, gaining 42 pounds, giving birth, and staying up all night lifestyle. Therefore, I vowed the next baby I would want to spoil is a niece or nephew.

J, Sassafras, and Junior are excited too. This will be their first cousin. J wants a baby boy to rough-house, Sassafras wants a baby girl, and Junior really doesn’t care (mostly because he is 3 and very self-centered). I can tell you, however, that Junior is NOT very unhappy about giving away his crib and toys.

So how do I prepare for Sweet Baby T’s arrival (which is mid-November) you ask?   By looking at Pinterest of course!

My name is Carrie and I am a Pinaholic…

Like most (I hope I am not the only Pinaholic) I can lose myself in the vast black-hole known as Pinterest. I can easily spend countless hours searching for things for Sweet Baby T (and school, and recipes, and outfits, and hairstyles for Sassafras, and things to sew, and ways to upcycle items…).  So as my sweet sister-in-law bakes Sweet Baby T in her oven and fights nausea and exhaustion; I sit at my computer (not nauseous but definitely tired) and search and wait for my niece or nephew to arrive!

And trust me…I cannot wait!


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